About Property Investment World

Our Promises to You

Working  closely with our partners we promises you,

  • No Finder's Fee – Ever
  • No Hard Sell – Ever
  • Comprehensive Research – Always
  • Secure Investments – Maximum Returns
  • Honesty and Confidentiality – At All Times
One of our property investment opportunities.

1. No Finder’s Fees – Ever

Many property investment companies that offer overseas property investment will charge you a finder's fee on top of the purchase price. However, we do not believe this is fair at Property Investment World. We receive a commission for the sale, which is our work payment. 
We promise you that we will never inflate prices or add finder's fees to the cost of your property. The services we provide to you will always be offered free of charge, and all we ask is that you come to us first when you are ready to buy. 

2. No Hard Sell – Ever

We promise you that we do not do a hard sell. You will receive independent advice via our comprehensive reports, location guides, email, telephone, or face-to-face. The choice is yours. 
We will only offer you property investment opportunities in secure locations with the highest returns, backed up by thorough research. If you decide an investment is suitable for you, excellent; if not, that is fine too. We will keep the ideas coming until you find what you are looking for or tell us to stop. 

3. Comprehensive Research – Always

All the market reports we will send you are based on in-depth research. We don't just look at the bottom line and your potential gains; we study the fundamentals affecting each local property market. Some of the factors we consider when producing your reports (in no particular order) include the following: 

One of our team greeting a client.

4. Secure Investments – Maximum Returns

The security of your investments is as important as your potential gains. We will give you honest, unbiased guidance and present only appropriate investment opportunities. These will offer secure ownership structures, high net income, and maximum capital growth. 

5. Honesty and Confidentiality – At All Times

Honesty is a rare commodity, especially in the real estate industry. Yet, honesty is vital at every stage when large sums of money are involved. As a property investment company, we firmly believe that it is. 
After all, if you rely on our overseas property investment advice, don't you deserve complete honesty every time we talk? And it should go without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that all your enquiries, questions, and investment activities will be treated in the strictest of confidence at all times. 

Company Profile

Everyone at Property Investment World is focused on providing security, quality, choice, and the highest returns on your investments. To do this, we: 

  • Concentrate on information and understanding – not on sales. 
  • Offer honest, unbiased guidance and present only appropriate investment opportunities. 
  • Work hard to fully understand your investment goals to determine how real estate will best benefit you. 
  • Carefully select and research each property before presenting it to you. 
  • Operate a strict due diligence system that sets the minimum criteria that each investment property must achieve. 
  • Only offer property investment in London that reach the highest quality standards and provides the best returns on your money. 


Property Investment Worlds' extensive portfolio gives you access to a wide variety of properties from around the world – from studio apartments to luxury villas, city centres to private islands – while rewarding you with some of the highest capital growth and net rental yields available. 

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